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Edunation asked us to create a promo video from the Edu Kids & Teens 3 conference, which took place at PGE Narodowy.

We proposed a creative approach to the film to create an engaging production that will promote the next editions.

Range of activities

We work with Mariusz in a wide field and we are responsible for:

  • development and implementation of a marketing strategy

  • regular consultations on digital marketing issues

  • creating a website and a website store

  • campaigns in social media

Mariusz Przybylski i Rek House

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Marketing  For myself


We observe.
We design.
We implement.

Why us? Because our team consists of people full of ideas, with tremendous experience and a passion for action. We like diversity, and difficult tasks are challenges for us. 


CEO & Marketing Specialist 

Jakub Gołębiowski

Experienced in building and managing branding, internet marketing, events, film production and website teams.


He specializes in a holistic approach to brands in terms of visuals. Manages identification teams  graphic, photo, film, graphic and animation production.



Co-Founder & Art Director

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