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Marcjanna Lelek, reżyserka w Rek House

What Jakub can do?

Jakub has a wide range of knowledge in production and directing, thanks to which he perfectly plans and conducts film production. His motto: "a detailed pre-production process, a reliable shooting period and efficient work in the editing room are three closely connected vessels that guarantee success."

Even the most banal idea is able to creatively draw something interesting that will please the viewer's eye and interest him. Thanks to this, he created for brands such as Vistula, GLS, Nutella, Plenti, Pointpack, Man, and Škoda.


He can control both a small film crew and a large, sometimes over 100-person plan - and oversee every nook and cranny of the set and production. He treats every member of the film crew equally seriously, often using the ideas of people who are usually not even thought of.


He graduated in directing from the WSF and belongs to the Association of Audiovisual Authors and Producers.

> 20 

people watched the film "Half a Century of Poetry Later" directed by him


written work plans


faith in the projects he undertakes

How is it to work with Jakub?


He will always find a common language with everyone.


There is no crisis that he would not be able to overcome.

Resistance to stress

No matter how bad the situation is, she keeps her cool and looks for solutions.


He can at the right moment and sensitively relieve the tension that is not lacking in making movies.

Jakub privately

Interesting facts that not everyone knows about


Cat lover, dog lover... animal lover


A cook specializing in Italian and Asian cuisine


Collector. There will even be an airplane propeller in its basement

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