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OGDM Foundation

In an effort to support the OGDM Foundation, which assists Ukrainian refugees since the beginning of the conflict, we have created a video that serves as a crucial tool for engaging potential donors. This short documentary presents the foundation, its goals, and accomplishments. By doing so, we enhance the organization's credibility while evoking emotions that contribute to achieving success.

Our team worked on this film entirely on a non-profit basis.

We've handled the entire production process on our end, which includes:

  • Developing the creative concept

  • Preparing and scheduling shooting plans

  • Conducting the shooting plans

  • Editing

  • Designing and creating animations


Director: Zuza Barc

Director of Photography: Jan Gierach

Editing, animations, art direction: Anna Rek

Lighting Master and Second Operator: Ignac Marek Koseła

On-set sound, sound production, and color correction: Tomek Barc

Make-up: Adrianna Grabowska


Kuba Lang

Antek Zamachowski

Antek Rybiński"

Fundacja OGDM - dokument o organizacji pomagającej Ukraińcom w czasie wojny | by Rek House
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